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The Spare Bedroom, Part 8

Becky motioned for John to enter the house, and then closed the door behind him.  She had no idea that she was grinning from ear to ear, but she did have a sense that she might be blushing. “What are … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Santa, Part 1

Detective Arturo “Chip” Bruno chose the day after Thanksgiving to do something that was extremely out of the ordinary for him. He smiled in public. It surely had something to do with his current company.  Bruno walked hand in hand … Continue reading

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The Spare Bedroom, Part 6

There wasn’t much crime in Lightning Bug Junction, which is one of the reasons why Jake’s misdeeds had sparked so much interest among the locals. The low crime rate also meant that Sheriff Travis Nadeau was almost always available when … Continue reading

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The Spare Bedroom, Part 5

Paige Bentley’s laugh was as infectious as it was unique.  It was loud, sounded something like an animal that was either in grave danger or extreme ecstasy, and could probably be admitted in a court of law as a foolproof … Continue reading

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The Spare Bedroom, Part 4

Becky hadn’t really known what to do with herself since Jake’s betrayal. Hell, she hadn’t had any idea how to refer to his despicable acts, but had finally settled on “betrayal” because the word seemed suitable enough to encompass all … Continue reading

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Something Shiny For The Mantel

Ever since I was a wee lad, Modern Philosophers, it’s been my dream to win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. I believe my Oscar lust was fueled at a very early age by watching the awards the year … Continue reading

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The Spare Bedroom, Part 2

Becky’s Country Kitchen had a prime downtown location on the corner of Main Street and Lightning Bug Lane. It was also the only establishment in town that served all three meals of the day, and was not either part of … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Corpse, Part 20

Detective Bruno smiled as he started down the path to the river walk.  Perhaps he smiled because it was such a beautiful day.  Maybe he smiled because being there reminded him of his rookie year on the force, and the … Continue reading

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When Does Life Start To Imitate Art?

I am a hopeless romantic, Modern Philosophers, with a definite accent on the hopeless part of that title. It’s not that I’m looking for love in all the wrong places, but more a case of love hiding from me so … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Corpse, Part 10

“This is the District Attorney’s Office,” Wally pointed out as his voice echoed down the long, wide corridor with incredibly high ceilings.  “You said we were going to one of the most dangerous places in the city.” Bruno stopped short, … Continue reading

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