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Parks and Recreation Is Now My Favorite Show

I’ve made an executive decision, Modern Philosophers.  Parks and Recreation is now my all-time favorite TV show. It kind of surprised me, too, because while I remembered liking the show, I didn’t realize exactly how much I enjoyed it. Luckily, … Continue reading

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Not One For The Time Capsule

I’ve been giving some thought lately to what I would put in the time capsule that I’d  someday bury behind The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers. It’s not because I’m feeling sentimental or anything, but because I recently watched … Continue reading

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And Then I Ate My Weight In Turkey…

Happy Thanksgiving, Modern Philosophers! This has always been a complicated holiday for me.  It is linked to so many memories, both good and bad, usually associated with past relationships. As a result, I tend to be moody on Turkey Day.  … Continue reading

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The Highly Anticipated Return of the Sunday Rejects

It’s been a long time, Modern Philosophers, since I’ve shared some of my monologue jokes with you. Now that we’ve survived Election Day, I thought we might celebrate by welcoming the Sunday Rejects back to the blog. As you know, … Continue reading

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A Reminder To Stay Positive

We interrupt our regularly scheduled content for this Public Service Announcement, Modern Philosophers: Stay positive! To be honest, I needed to remind myself of that tonight, which has led to my writing this post. Yes, the blog is here for … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts Before Ice Cream

I woke up feeling like crap, Modern Philosophers.  And not just because I knew I had to go to work. Even though I was a tad under the weather, I pushed myself to go for my morning run.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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Clearing The Fog In My Mind

We all fall into funks at one time or another, Modern Philosophers, but not necessarily for the same reasons. Mine are usually related to one of three things: My inability to support myself as a full time writer. My frustration … Continue reading

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