Dogs & Mice Form Alliance; Should Cats Be Worried?

Here’s one from the early days of the blog. Any thoughts on how the alliance is working out, 8 months later?

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

This just in from the Petagon (I love that animals call it that!): Dogs and Mice have signed a Peace Treaty, while also forming a powerful alliance.  While the war between dogs and mice was never very intense, this armistice is considered to be a major step in creating a universal peace between all creatures.

Dog House Spokesdog Fido told this Modern Philosopher: “We are proud to announce this agreement with our tiny rodent friends.  While they might not always be welcomed in the homes of our owners, we are now happy to share a domicile with our beady eyed, cheese loving friends.  Let there be peace.”

Mickey (no, not THAT Mickey) the Mouse House Spokesrodent added: “Our days of fearing our canine compatriots has finally come to an end.  We look forward to years of peace and fun with our drooling, tail chasing amigos.”

While the mood of the…

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7 Responses to Dogs & Mice Form Alliance; Should Cats Be Worried?

  1. michaelmulholland says:

    It’s about time…lol

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