A Friendly Walk Across The Bridge

bridge 1I normally only walk across the bridge, Modern Philosophers, to go on disappointing first dates.

Tonight, however, I made an exception for an old friend.  I hadn’t seen Bethany aka “my cool boss” (the one who forced us to put up her pathetic purple Charlie Brown Christmas Tree every year) since June when she left (abandoned me) for a “better opportunity” (to abandon me).

Since I was on vacation, I made plans with her to grab dinner and catch up (plead with her to come back).  I proposed my favorite failed first date bar since Bethany has always been kind enough to listen to my dating horror stories and offer advice (laugh at me).

It was a beautiful Summer night, so I decided to walk.

And because I’m always thinking of you, Modern Philosophers, I brought along my camera so you could see how gorgeous it was here today…

bridge 2The clouds really caught my attention tonight.  Even though that blazing sun seems to be the focus of this photo, the clouds will be back.

In the screenwriting biz, we refer to that as “foreshadowing”.

bridge 3Can you believe how blue the Penobscot River is?  I guess that’s what happens when the water is trapped under a mile of ice most of the Winter.

bridge 4There are those clouds again. I told you they’d be back.  Why didn’t you believe me?

bridge 5I believe that particular cloud is how God communicates with that Bangor church.

bridge 6The sun is much larger in Bangor than it is in Brewer.  Maybe that has something to do with Stephen King living there…

bridge 7More clouds.  Isn’t this an awesome shot?  I really like this one.

bridge 8Bethany was late.  Surprise! (Was that sarcastic enough?)  Luckily, I was able to dive into this giant bin of balls and swim around until she arrived.

bridge 9The sun is setting, but the clouds remain.

bridge 10Some old train cars down on the track.  I used the x-ray lens on my camera to allow you to see right through them!

bridge 11The sun was almost gone for my short walk home.

bridge 12As I was walking home, this branch fell off a passing truck.  And that, Modern Philosophers, is how you get rush hour traffic in Bangor, Maine!

bridge 13I wasn’t able to convince Bethany to come back to work, but I did have a very good time catching up with her.

It was nice to finally leave that bar without being totally confused by the opposite sex.

Hope you enjoyed this walk across the bridge!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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18 Responses to A Friendly Walk Across The Bridge

  1. markbialczak says:

    Great photos, Austin! It’s not every day I get to see how God talks to people in Bangor. Quite a shot there!

  2. A beautiful walk! Love the shots. Your astute observation of the clouds and the Bangor church makes me laugh. very nice!!

  3. Tricia says:

    The xray lens was most clever, and the photos – so beautiful!

  4. avsweb says:

    Great shots! Beautiful area…

  5. adamjasonp says:

    The direct sunlight was hot Monday.

  6. ksbeth says:

    beautiful shots!

  7. donedreaming says:

    “I was able to dive into this giant bin of balls and swim around” – were you shouting Bazinga as you did it (I’m a Big Bang fan)? Love the photos, feel like we were all there with you strolling across the bridge, your wingmen – perhaps you should take us all on your next date then we can cheer you on from the pavement 😀

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