And He’s Watching Us All With The Eye…Of The Gargoyle!

bangorHappy Wednesday, Modern Philosophers!

I’ve spent most of my vacation hunkered down inside The House on the Hill keeping an eye on Cali and Luna, as the furry additions to the family adjust to their new home.  It’s also been disgustingly hot, so I’ve had no desire to go outside and melt.

This morning, however, the kitties are settled and it’s overcast.  I had a sudden urge for some roof time with my favorite Gargoyle.  So after stopping to chat with the Woodburys, the Ghost Family that lives in my attic, I stepped out onto the roof to visit with Gary.

“Good morning, my friend,” Gary greeted me from his usual perch at the edge of the roof.  “I’m glad to see you are in much better spirits.”

I walked over to join Gary.  Even though I hadn’t been up to the roof in a couple of weeks, Gargoyles have extremely sensitive hearing, so I knew that Gary was well aware of everything that had been going on in my life.

“Can I just say how much happier it makes me to hear you laughing and the sound of paws scurrying across the hardwood floors, than it is to listen to you crying over your loss?”

GargoyleI thanked Gary for his kind words.  Gargoyles might be very blunt, but they are also very perceptive and always speak the truth.  They are also extremely loyal and protective of those they choose to watch over, so I understood that he was just looking out for me.

“I have been watching the new neighbors,” Gary informed me as I settled down next to his perch.  “I have assessed them as a non-threat, but will continue to monitor the situation.”

I gave Gary a thumbs up for his vigilance, and wondered what the new folks across the street thought of the Gargoyle on my roof that was often staring in their direction.

“I’ve noticed that traffic flow has decreased ever since the next door neighbors dug up the street in search of their sewer pipe,” he continued with his assessment as I smiled as his thoroughness.  “While it is a good thing to have less traffic, I fear that an improperly paved road will damage your already… temperamental vehicle.”

Gary laughed at his dig on my poor car.  Have you ever heard a Gargoyle’s laugh?  It’s not at all what you’d expect.  Despite the scary, stone exterior, a Gargoyle’s laugh sounds like a mix of a child’s giggle and a kitty’s purr.  It’s quite endearing.

“Of course, there has been no Zombie activity since my last report.  Had there been even a glimpse or a whiff of one, I would have alerted you immediately.”

It’s so easy to feel safe when you have a Gargoyle watching over you.  Even over the past few weeks when I was so sad, I knew that I wasn’t alone, and that was very reassuring.

WEdnesday“I haven’t gotten my exercise this morning,” Gary notified me.  “Why don’t you join me while I give my wings a little workout?”

I thought he’d never ask!  I’m going flying, Modern Philosophers!  Hope you are all having a happy Wednesday, too!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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15 Responses to And He’s Watching Us All With The Eye…Of The Gargoyle!

  1. rowanaliya says:

    Good to know you have a zombie scout. Daryl will be pleased.

  2. I’d love to hear a Gargoyle giggle.

  3. I might go shopping for a Gargolye . Might you recommend how one begins this process?
    “Someone to watch over me…” I can’t stop singing that song! 😛

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