A Day Of Rest From Anxiety

mental health, anxiety, coping skills, humor, Modern PhilosopherSunday is supposed to be a day of rest, Modern Philosophers, but I’m not sure from what I’m supposed to be resting if I’m currently out of work and supposed to be staying home all day.

And then I had an epiphany: I need a day of rest from anxiety!  I don’t know about you, but my mind is racing more than ever lately, and I can’t seem to slow it down.

I’m worrying about me or my friends and loved ones getting infected with the Coronavirus.

I’m worrying about how long my savings will last while I’m out of work, and if there will be a job to go back to once this is done.

I’m worrying about whether there is enough food in the house, and how safe it is to go to the store to get more supplies.

I’m worrying that every time I go for a run, I’m putting myself at serious risk.

There is just so much on my mind and that cannot be good for me.  These are challenging, scary, stressful times, but all the worry in the world isn’t going to make it better.

So today, I’m putting that all aside for a day of rest from anxiety.

Full disclosure, I’ve already gone onto the unemployment site to file my weekly claim, and then scanned the news sites for updates on what’s going on with COVID 19.

Now that those stressful things are out of the way, I can relax.

mental health, anxiety, coping skills, humor, Modern PhilosopherI might sit out on the porch and finally finish my book.  Yes, I might have been rationing out pages since the library is closed and I’m trying to make it last because I don’t know when I can get my hands on new books.

But that’s not a concern today.  I’m just going to read, relax, enjoy, and see if the Whisper Man is brought to justice.

I have several shows on the DVR that I want to watch, and I might finally start The Mandalorian today.  I’ve been saving that for a rainy day, and I think that storm has finally arrived!

There’s also something very therapeutic about curling up on the couch with a purring cat.  I might have one next to me right now, and there’s a chance that the writing of this post is being constantly delayed because I keep pausing to pet her.

I’m definitely going to be creative because that relaxes me more than anything.  I’ve been having online chats with Danny the last couple of days about ideas for The Nite Show moving forward while we can’t tape at the theater with an audience.  Just bouncing ideas back and forth puts my mind at ease.  You can’t worry about the bad things when you’re pitching ways to entertain the masses (even if the ideas are often ridiculous!).

I will also be working on my novel.  When I write, I disappear into the world in which my characters exist.  This story is about a couple who meets during the Holiday Season and slowly falls in love.  It’s all about the sweet romantic stuff, and it’s happening during Christmas, so I’m mentally experiencing all the joy of the happiest time of the year.

Ed Asner, mental health, anxiety, coping skills, humor, Modern PhilosopherAnd if that isn’t enough to relax me and take my mind off everything that has me anxious and climbing the walls, I could always look at this photo of me and Ed Asner.

Just thinking back to meeting him, and all the entertaining (and off-colored) stories he told, has me smiling.

So whatever you might be doing today, I urge you to cancel those plans and join me in enjoying a day of rest.

And what exactly were you doing?  You’re supposed to be staying at home to stop the spread of this virus!  I’d lecture you more but that would ruin my day of rest…

What are you doing to keep anxiety and stress levels from skyrocketing during this pandemic?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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10 Responses to A Day Of Rest From Anxiety

  1. beth says:

    i’m glad you’re taking this anxiety free day off!

  2. theenglishprofessoratlarge says:

    ‘I’m thinking of a saying: “Fear knocked on the door. Courage answered, and there was no one there.”

  3. Great post! Fortunately my life isn’t much different than before the virus, I still work from home. I see a lot of my friends and clients are just diving into their writing, a great anxiety reducer for sure!

  4. Doing much of the same. Hang in there and take care of you.

  5. markbialczak says:

    I took all of Sunday off from reading online virus updates, Austin.

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