Back on Track

I’ve finally decided to get back into the fitness tracker game, Modern Philosophers.

After my FitBit died without warning in mid-January, I’ve been without a step tracking device.  And I might have used that lack of a device as an excuse to take a break from running.

In my defense, it has also been brutally cold, snowy, and icy in Maine, so running in the dark before sunrise wasn’t very appealing.

Last Sunday, I had to run up to WalMart for something, and I decided to peek at the fitness trackers while I was there.  I’ve been curious about getting a Garmin for a long time now, but I’m horrible when it comes to change, making decisions, and spending money.

They had two Garmin models in stock, so I did a little research on both.  The Forerunner 45 intrigued me and was about $100 cheaper than my last FitBit.

Not only did I decide to take the plunge and buy the Forerunner, but I also totally broke with routine and went to WalMart after work on Wednesday.  Two trips to Wally World in a week?  Going anyplace other than straight home after work?

What the hell has gotten into me?

running, fitness, Modern PhilosopherSo far, I am very pleased with my purchase.  The Garmin app has so many more features than the FitBit one, the device is comfortable and easy to use, and I really love two of the features.

One is the Body Battery, which basically tells me when I need to recharge my body because I’m running low on energy.  It’s been fun to watch the numbers fluctuate during the day, and now I have proof that I’m not out of my mind when I feel like I’m totally drained.

The other feature tracks my stress level.  Again, fun to watch the numbers and have proof that my stress levels do skyrocket at times.  Now I am able to see what I’m doing when my numbers are off the charts.  Here’s a hint: they’re always well under control when I’m home alone.

Now that I have my new toy, I’ve been much more active.  The photos in this post were taken on my morning run along the waterfront.  I haven’t been going down there lately because it’s been covered in snow and ice, but I already look forward to going back tomorrow.

I also took a walk to the library today, and made sure to track it.

Fun Fact: My stress level has been extremely low today.  In fact, it’s the lowest it’s been since I bought the Garmin on Wednesday.

Also, my body battery has been well charged.

Now I’m convinced I just need to stay home and write full time.

wellness, Garmin, Modern PhilosopherIronically, on the same day that I decided to buy my new device, I received an email from FitBit.  This email notified me that a safety recall had been ordered on the device that had died on me out of the blue back in January.  Apparently, there is an issue with the battery in this product.

That would totally explain why it was so difficult to charge, why the charge never lasted that long, and why it just died.  I wonder why no one at FitBit Customer Service mentioned this to me when I called the complain I was having issues.


As a believer in signs, I took that email to be a confirmation that I’d made the right choice.

And I’m thrilled to be out running again.  It’s good to be active and to not let the weather completely control my life.

I’m also excited that I allowed myself to try something new.  I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I’m okay with this new outlook on life.

Have you ever switched fitness trackers?  If so, do you feel like that was a good decision?  What do I need to know about Garmin devices as a new user?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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3 Responses to Back on Track

  1. beth says:

    sounds like a good choice for many reasons. i don’t use one, but i know people who do and who love them

  2. markbialczak says:

    I’ve been wondering since our Twitter exchange about your Garmin, Austin, does it have give-directions feature? That just seems proper to me.
    Also, if you make the FitBit people fix your lemon for free because of the bad battery recall, maybe you can have your personal stats off it and sell it as a just-rehauled model online and get moolah back?

    • Austin says:

      The deal with FitBit is they send me something in which to return the defective unit, and they send me a Master Card debit card. The website did not say how much money we are getting for the return…

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