What A Difference A Day Makes

leavesHappy Sunday, Modern Philosophers!

Yesterday was a sweltering Summer day, with temperatures well into the 80s.  I thought I was going to die from heat stroke on my morning run.

Today, however, it’s a cool Autumn day, and it was 57 degrees when I went for my run.  The temperature change was so drastic that I expected to discover that all the leaves along my route had changed color.

Despite the shock to my system, it was actually perfect weather for a little physical activity.  I didn’t sweat nearly as much as I did yesterday, and I never once feared I was going to pass out from the heat.  Gary the Gargoyle circled overhead just in case, having grown concerned over how yesterday’s temperatures affected me, but he never had to airlift me to the local hospital for emergency treatment.

Not surprisingly, I crossed paths with several other fitness fans on Eastern Avenue this morning.  I did the old nod, smile, and quick “hello” to a half dozen walkers (living people who were walking, not Zombie Walkers!) who were outside taking advantage of the cooler temperatures.

fall runnerAs much as I love Summer Runnin’ (having a blast!), it is quite easy on the sweat glands to hit the road when Football weather is in the air.

I can definitely deal with temps in the mid-fifties, but if it dips below that, I’m going to have to worry about my old nemesis Snow Miser making an appearance.  It’s never fun to run when’s he’s around.  To be honest, the guy is too much…

Since it’s Sunday, I also had to participate in the Homeowner’s Biathlon.  After my 3 mile run was complete, it was time to move on to Stage Two: Mowing The Great Lawn.

I almost couldn’t start Stage Two, Modern Philosophers, because the garage door would not open.  It wasn’t because I was weak from my run, or because I’d mysteriously lost my super strength overnight.  It was because the ancient spring and pulley system that hoists the door had snapped.  Luckily, when the same thing happened to the other door over the Winter, my neighbor bought a replacement set that came with two sets of springs and pulleys.  It should be a quick fix this week.

I mowed The Great Lawn in a decent time, and since I wasn’t completely drained by the heat, I got all crazy and mowed the back lawn, too.  Hopefully, the cooler temps mean that there won’t be too many more weekends that require my using the lawnmower.

Of course, once the lawnmower goes into hibernation, it’s almost time to dig the snow shovel out of storage.  Ugh!

therapyLet’s not worry about Snow Miser and his plans for us quite yet, Modern Philosophers.  Let’s enjoy what’s left of Summer and ease ourselves into Fall.

If you haven’t gotten outside today for some physical activity, I highly recommend it.  I’m sure your body will thank you for it later…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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4 Responses to What A Difference A Day Makes

  1. grannyK says:

    We have much cooler nights and mornings right now, but the afternoons are close to 90 still. I love this time of year and it makes my walks easier to take! I don’t like icy slick roads though so I would take some heat over that. I guess I’m never truly happy!

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