Blizzarding For The Seasonally Exhausted

I don’t know about you, Modern Philosophers, but I am so done with this winter.  It has left me physically exhausted, mentally drained, and once again questioning my decision to willing live inside the universe’s most annoying snow globe.

As I sit in the living room of The House on the Hill, I have a perfect view of Winter Storm Kenan through the front windows.  According to all the meteorologists, the apocalypse is upon us, and the human race will be wiped out by snow, winds, and overall frustration from having to deal with yet another round of pain in the ass weather.

winter, blizzard, Modern PhilosopherThis week, the temperature has dropped to 18 degrees below zero.  We somehow managed to get through that, and now we’re promised two feet of snow and hurricane force winds.

Once the storm passes, we can look forward to lows of -9 on Sunday and -6 on Monday.

At what point do we just say, “@#$% this!” and book ourselves on a one way rocket to the Sun?

In preparation for the impending snowpocalypse, I awakened early.  I wanted to get the laundry started in case the power went out or the snow piled up so high that it blocked the vents to the dryer.  I then prepared dinner and put it in the fridge so if there is no power later, I can at least eat a cold, cooked meal, rather than a cold, raw one.

I’ve got plenty of shows waiting on my DVR as long as the power keeps working.  Then there’s a pile of books to read by flashlight and candle light if TV isn’t an option.  I’ve also charged the laptop so I can do a little bit of writing before the battery drains.

Just for shits and giggles, I decided to take out some of my frustration on the folks at FitBit Customer Service.  I wasn’t mean or anything, but I’m pissed that my device had stopped working again, and I thought it would be a fun way to kill time to make someone listen to my long list of complaints and try to make it work again.

Of course, they could not revive my FitBit, but it did pass fifteen minutes.

life, blizzard, Modern PhilosopherPeople have told me I should leave Maine if I hate winter so much, but according to The Four Horsemen of the Snowpocalype on The Weather Channel, this storm is hitting the entire east coast.  And there have been other such storms across the country.  Hell, there was even a blizzard warning on Hawaii a couple of week ago.

If you ask me, this is all bullshit.

Sorry for the language, but this is America and the Republicans have yet to find a way to ban me from cursing on my own blog, so I’m going to get it in while I still can.

I apologize that this blog post has very little to offer in terms of hilarity and entertainment, but I’m using it to simply vent my frustration with the weather.  Come to think of it, I am sharing some Deep Thoughts, so that covers the Philosophical requirements of the blog’s bylaws.

Anyway, I just hope you are all safe.  I’m sitting here alone riding out the storm, so if anyone wants to chat, feel free to reach out.

I cannot wait for spring, which in Maine, begins in late June.  Only 5 months to go!

How are you coping with the over the top winter weather?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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9 Responses to Blizzarding For The Seasonally Exhausted

  1. markbialczak says:

    I’m with you in spirit, Austin. We have been battling frequent below-zero temperatures here in Central New York. Today, too. Though the snow blizzard is missing us to the east, I am still fed up with winter 2022 as well.

  2. kristianw84 says:

    I don’t think it’s possible for you to write a post that isn’t entertaining. I sympathize with your frustrations, but phrases such as “The four horseman of the snowpocalypse” are highly entertaining.

    People think I’m insane for wanting to move further north after complaining about winter in the Appalachian mountains. Here’s my thinking about the weather, though…

    If I moved to the west coast I would worry about hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. I have no desire whatsoever to move south, but they also have their share of life-threatening weather conditions.

    The snow and cold are inconvenient and annoying, but I’m not likely to die from them unless I’m out in the elements. Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires are different stories. I’ll take my chances with the snow, no matter how annoying and inconvenient it might be.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed the power stays on for you.

  3. beth says:

    like mark, we’ve had a lot of frigid temps this winter and not much snow, but a big snow is predicted for later this week. I have to admit, I kind of love a big storm as long as I don’t have to drive somewhere far away. not that I’m not looking forward to spring…

  4. grannyK says:

    January and February are my two least favorite months. August is a close third, though. It is boiling hot!

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