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Thankful For What?

This couple knocked on my door tonight. They were dressed as Pilgrims.  Full blown first Thanksgiving kind of garb.  The guy had a clipboard, the woman just offered a smile. I’d normally tell strangers to get the hell off my … Continue reading

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Updating My Culinary Passport

Someone once told me I was a very complicated person, Modern Philosophers. I know that sounds like an awesome compliment, but she meant it in a hurtful way.  Her words confused me more than they offended me, however, because I … Continue reading

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Opening A Window To Change

As you probably know, Modern Philosophers, one of my core beliefs is that change is bad.  Not only is it bad, but it is also horrifying and murder on the stress levels. The House on the Hill, which has served … Continue reading

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5 Things You Should Never Do At A Job Interview

I’ve gotten a lot of emails, Modern Philosophers, asking me why I haven’t written any advice posts lately.  I’m a sucker for caving to peer pressure, so here’s a new post in which I share some pearls of wisdom. 5 … Continue reading

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Are My Batteries Rechargeable?

I decided to take the day off and have a three day weekend, Modern Philosophers, which means you get to enjoy a bonus Friday blog post. Of course, I couldn’t get away from people before someone inevitably asked if I … Continue reading

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The $43,000 Question

What would you do with $43,000, Modern Philosophers? It’s not a trick question, and there are no wrong answers.  I’m just curious how you would spend that amount of money if you had it. I know it’s an odd amount, … Continue reading

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The Thoughtlessness Of Grass

A friend asked what I was doing this weekend, Modern Philosophers, and I rambled off a few random, but relaxing things. Then I added that since the grass refuses to stop growing, I really should mow the lawn. That got … Continue reading

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Why Do Good Things Require So Much Work?

It’s never a good thing when my blog’s Board of Directors requests a meeting, Modern Philosophers. I thought that when I sold the blog, I’d take the money and run, but someone stupidly signed a deal agreeing to a partial … Continue reading

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Gambling On The Garbage Man

I’ve never been one to gamble, Modern Philosophers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because the biggest risk I’ve ever taken is drinking milk a day after the expiration date on the carton. That incident led to my being hospitalized … Continue reading

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Someone Pass The Awesome Sauce

I’ve been to the grocery store thousands of times in my life, Modern Philosophers, but I have never once found a jar of awesome sauce on the shelves. Of course, I’m just assuming it would come in a jar, but … Continue reading

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