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A Midwinter Night’s Dream

It wasn’t much as far as dreams go.  However, when I woke up and realized it had only been a dream, I wanted to cry. Because it had been about her. As much as I want to, I rarely dream … Continue reading

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The Walk Off Wedding

It was the hottest day ever recorded on Earth.  At least that’s how it felt to the best friends as they sat on their favorite bench next to the river. They’d hoped for a cool breeze off the water, but … Continue reading

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I See Introverted People

“I had a dream last night that none of this was real,” Aaron announced casually before taking a long sip of his Snapple. It was Sunday morning, so the best friends were seated on their favorite bench overlooking the Penobscot … Continue reading

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The Ghosts Inside My Brain

Aaron and Holly sat side by side on a bench that looked out onto the river and across to the city where Stephen King lived. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning, and because of the CDC’s recent announcement, neither of … Continue reading

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One Night In Paris

I have often discussed my dreams on this blog, Modern Philosophers. They are sometimes confusing, often disturbing, and usually quite memorable.  The thing is, though, they rarely make any sense.  Last night, I had a vivid dream, that stuck with … Continue reading

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Do Not Dream About Me

It was a gorgeous morning along the river, but Holly was clearly distressed.  Even with her mask covering half her face, it was evident from her eyes that she was troubled. Aaron sat on his bench across the path, calmly … Continue reading

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The Dream Slayer Scenario

They smiled politely at the waitress, and waited for her to walk away after delivering their drinks, before they dove head first into the awkward conversation associated with a first date. “Abby tells me you’re a writer,” Maggie broke the … Continue reading

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The Ghost Busting My Balls

I was exhausted today because I didn’t sleep well last night, Modern Philosophers, and I know exactly who’s to blame… My ex-wife! Sure, we’ve been divorced for fifteen years, and I haven’t seen her for almost as long, but that … Continue reading

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Is The House On The Hill On Elm Street?

I’m beginning to think The House on the Hill has relocated to Elm Street, Modern Philosophers. I’ve always had nightmares, but over the last few nights, they’ve really been disturbing.  The kind that makes you jumpy all day. It’s gotten … Continue reading

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Loved & Lost: This Week on The Dream Network

I usually really enjoy my dreams, Modern Philosophers. Often times, they are the best part of my day, and waking up from them makes me wish I could live in my subconscious, rather than in reality. On several occasions, I … Continue reading

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