Round 2: Modern Philosopher vs Juno

Austin Juno 2I watched the News at Noon, Modern Philosophers, and Stormy McBlizzardton, Maine’s top meteorologist, stated that the most intense band of snow had finally moved north of Bangor.

So, I grabbed my shovel and went back outside for Round 2 of shoveling the driveway.

I guess Stormy forgot to mention that it was still snowing very hard and that the winds were gusting so hard that small children were flying through the air.

Let me post a photo from the end of Round 1 to give you an idea of how the driveway looked…

Juno doneAs you can see, I had managed to clear the entire driveway.  Of course, eagle eyed Modern Philosophers will also notice how the area up near the garage was already white again.

That was how hard the snow was falling.

Two hours later, I came out to this…

Juno 2BThe driveway was completely covered again, and look at how high the drifts are over by the fence.  Of course, some of that is the snow I had put there when clearing the driveway the first time, but things are getting a little out of control now!

Juno 2I was already exhausted by the time I put down the shovel to take this photo.  The snow was falling in the form of ice pellets, as if Snow Miser were firing a machine gun down at me from the clouds.

Look at how high the snow is against the left garage door!

Juno 2AI’m starting to wonder if that’s Zombie Car buried under all that snow in front of the garage.  I’m almost certain I put it in the garage last night, but my memory is fuzzy…

Juno 2CI was trying to capture the way the wind was blowing the snow.  You can see it to the right over by the fence.

By the time I was done clearing the driveway, my glasses were covered in snow and I could barely see what I was doing.

Juno 2DI think this photo catches the chaos well.  You can see all the snow falling and the snow blowing on my neighbors’ roof.

Not a good day to be outside.

Juno 2EThe street, which has been plowed at least twice, is covered in snow again.  The worst part of clearing my driveway was getting the stuff at the end of it that had been piled high by the city plow.  There was lots of cursing going on at that point…

Juno 2FI swear that telephone pole across the street is looking mighty crooked…

Juno JanineI promised Janine I would post an embarrassing photo of her.  In this one, she seems to be having a conversation with an imaginary friend.  This is what happens when you wander out into a blizzard without a hat!

Janine has been baking on her shoveling breaks, and has promised to share some with me.  She is the best baker, so I am really looking forward to whatever she’s made.  I need something sweet after a day like this…

I’m going to have to get back out there at least one more time, but I am so exhausted at this point.  Maybe I’ll feel better if I take a nap…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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33 Responses to Round 2: Modern Philosopher vs Juno

  1. floridaborne says:

    I remember living in Wisconsin. After days of snow, the temperatures warmed and we had freezing rain. Then the temps plummeted again. I learned the hard way that you can’t walk on that stuff.

  2. Pamela Edwards says:

    It looks like your fighting a losing battle . I’m sure that wicked Snow Miser is getting a kick out of it too. Thxs for all the pics in blizzard conditions , you are a trooper ! I say stay in with the kitties till it stops . Stay warm & safe !

  3. Let the snowplows do the work. Reports say it will calm down starting tomorrow. I remember trying to drive through a blizzard in Reno,Nevada, with my head out the window getting hammered with snow, but able to slightly see the road so that I wouldn’t drift off it. Nature has a lot of energy!

  4. markbialczak says:

    Is a snowblower looking more enticing for the rewards from that raise, Austin? That drift! Your shovel is hardly a match, my friend. This worries me. Careful with round three, please.

  5. hollie says:

    It was a toasty 73 degrees here today! Perhaps you should buy a snowblower.

  6. I say Janine is giving a good talking to Mr. Snow Miser, putting him in his place. Maybe offering a bribe of some sweets if he leaves you guys alone. 🙂

  7. Yeah, after a while, a break is nice. This way, when it happens again, you can enjoy it.

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