Sleep, You Glorious Bastard!

sleep, humor, work, life, money, Modern PhilosopherI didn’t roll out of bed until 8:45 this morning, Modern Philosophers.

And it was simply glorious.

With all the overtime I’ve put in lately, this is the latest I’ve slept in ages.  To give you a little perspective, on a typical day, I would have already worked three hours by 8:45.

But today, instead of crawling out of bed at 5:00 and cursing the world with what little strength I had left in my weary body, I simply rolled over and slipped back into yet another peaceful dream.

Did I mention it was glorious?

Today, I plan to do nothing more than write, watch football, and make a really good indentation in the couch from being sprawled out on it all day.

The Nuns once said something about Sundays being a day of rest, so I’m going to listen to them today and just take it easy.

I’ve earned it.

nuns, humor, philosophy, life, money, rest, Modern PhilosopherAnd I’m well rested enough after a good night’s sleep to know that I don’t want to piss off the Nuns.

I was watching the Notre Dame game last night (something that will please the Nuns immensely), and kept falling asleep on the couch.  So midway through the third quarter, I called an audible and went to bed.

Now I’m certain that most of you believe that the outcome of any sporting event is not affected by whether or not you are watching it, but I believe differently.

I know, down deep in my heart, that the main reason the Yankees have won numerous World Series during my lifetime is because I stayed up to watch so many games.  If I had gone to bed before the outcome was final, who knows where they’d be right now.

Definitely not the most storied franchise in all of sports.

So it was a big deal for me to abandon the Fighting Irish so early in the game, but my body needed sleep.  They made a valiant comeback, but came up just short.  I’ll take the blame for this loss.  Please forgive me, Notre Dame fans.

I was talking to my PCP, Dr. Jekyll, the other day, and I asked for his expert medical opinion about all the overtime I’ve been working.  Dr. Jekyll told me it was quite healthy to push my body because only I know its true limits.

humor, alter ego, psychology, Modern PhilosopherHe also told me he’d been reading an intriguing study on dual personalities.  It said that every person has at least two sides, and they alternate at being the dominant side of the personality.

According to Dr. Jekyll, my Inner Overachiever has taken control right now, and it will continue to run things until it realizes I need a break.  Apparently, that happened last night, when my Inner Sleep Monger decided to go to bed early and sleep late today.

I’m not sure if Dr. Jekyll is right about this whole alter ego thing.  If you ask me, it sounds a little farfetched, but he really seems to believe in it and he’s the one with all the doctor initials after his name.

I was crunching the numbers the other night, which led me to wonder why numbers are so crunchy in the first place.  But that’s an entirely different Deep Thought.

I realized that over the last twelve weeks, which is just short of a quarter of a year, I’ve earned the equivalent of just over ten percent of my annual salary in overtime pay.

Basically, I’ve given myself a 10% raise.

money, finances, work, humor, Modern PhilosopherSure, I’d much rather my employer gave me that raise, and I didn’t need to work an additional twenty hours a week to see that money in my paycheck, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s quite a haul.

Living in a single income household with another Maine winter on the way, I have some peace of mind knowing that my nest egg is a little fluffier and better built.

Plus, my laptop has seen better days and I can’t write without a computer, so if I decide it’s time to purchase a new one, all this overtime money should make that a less painful economic decision.

So I guess Dr. Jekyll was right, and the side of my personality that makes sure I don’t end up penniless and living on the street has everything under control.

Thank you, glorious sleep, for finally finding me.  I’ve missed been all cuddled up with you under the covers in my big bed!

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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