Always Happy When It Rains

rain, humor, life, Modern PhilosopherHave you ever noticed that the world sucks less when it’s raining, Modern Philosophers?

Before you come at me, I understand that the world around me doesn’t change in any metaphysical way when the skies open and the clouds weep.  What’s altered is my perception of my environment.

But I stand by my statement that life is more tolerable when it rains.

I’ve always loved a good storm.  Something about it soothes me.  The wilder the weather, the more I find myself at peace.

I’m not one to shy away from the thunder and lightning.  Bring it on, especially at night!  I’m always up for a free light show.  As soon as it starts to rain, or the skies rumble to warn me that I’m going to miss out on something if I don’t hustle, I do my best to get outside.

If I’m at The House on the Hill, you’ll find me on the porch when it rains.  I love to sit out there, my feet up on the rail, and often with my eyes closed to really listen to the sound of the rain pounding the earth.

I was having a particular stressful day today, but as soon as I heard the rain pounding against the office windows, I walked over for a look.  It was like I didn’t have a choice.  I was just drawn there.  Even though I was still inside, a calm came over me as I watched the raindrops do their thing.

life, rain, stress, humor, Modern PhilosopherNothing compares to running in the rain.  What’s more soothing?  The steady beat of the rain playing off the beat of my feet against the blacktop puts me under a spell.

I’ll always be the idiot who’s not smart enough to come in out of the rain.

I might not jump in a puddle, but I’ll certainly run right through one if it’s along my path.

People will tell you not to rain on their parade, but I’d welcome that excitement.  Parades are boring.  A little thunder and lightning can really turn that performance by a marching band into can’t miss, edge of my seat excitement.

It’s just water.  Unless you’re a witch, there’s nothing to fear.

When it rains, I don’t have time to think about the selfish people who won’t wear masks.  Ironically, they’re too scared to go outside and get wet.  Wouldn’t want them to melt.

I bet if I edited footage of any Trump speech so that it’s raining in the background, that vein in my forehead wouldn’t throb as much, and I wouldn’t ask myself over and over how anyone thinks this man is fit for public office.

philosophy, rain, humor, Modern Philosopher

The steady staccato of the rain drowns out anything that could possibly lead to the build up of stress.  It washes away the angst, and doesn’t give anxiety any solid ground on which to build a foundation.

I have this theory that I was once hypnotized and given the suggestion that rain would instantly calm me.

Who needs an umbrella?  Why would I want to keep away the calming, healing waters?

Life is definitely better when it rains.  Too bad we’re going through such a dry spell…

Do you agree that life is better when it rains?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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14 Responses to Always Happy When It Rains

  1. As the 1973 song “It Never Rains in Southern California” lyrics say:
    Seems it never rains in southern California
    Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
    It never rains in California
    But girl, don’t they warn ya?
    It pours, man, it pours.

    I own two umbrellas. For the past 20 years I haven’t used either umbrella even once.

  2. beth says:

    i love the rain, but i also love the sun, each is great in it’s own way.

  3. jilldennison says:

    I love a good storm … it somehow settles the turmoil, one can stay home without having to make further excuses, or dance in the rain … your choice. After the storm … the air smells so … clean. Yes, I have to agree with you on this … give me a rainy day (just no tornado warnings, please)! And then, at the end of the day … a rainbow to bring a smile.

  4. markbialczak says:

    I have been known to stay out on the golf course a little too long when it begins to rain, Austin, watching the drops pour down from my hat as I attempt to putt. But once that lightning starts, I’m outta there. I credit that to the time I was watching a big storm out my bedroom window when I was a kid and not only saw but felt a bolt hit the garbage can in front of our house. The can flew, the hair on my arms stood up and my respect/fear of the Big Electricity began.

  5. Lori says:

    I did not go running this morning because it was raining.

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  7. When I was in eighth grade, my grandpa took me down to Chapala Mexico (small town not far from Guadalajara). The second night we were there, it rained. The droplets were massive and coming down so hard, it almost looked like a wall of water. But the heavy rain only lasted a short time; and I haven’t seen a downpour like that since. To this day, I regret not going outside and just standing in that rain.

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