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Tiny Cup Of Tea Makes Ya Wanna Pee

My favorite government agency, The Department Utilizing Statistics & Tables (DUST), has some unexpected time on its hands lately, Modern Philosophers. As it turns out, President Trump and his administration prefer alternative facts and fake news to legitimate facts and … Continue reading

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Whipped Into A Whoopie Pie Frenzy

Everyone handles stress differently, Modern Philosophers. I pay a couple of shady looking guys to take my stress out back, beat the $@#% out of it, and threaten to kill it if it ever comes back again. Sure, that approach … Continue reading

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Maine’s First “Send Your Daughter To Work Day” Gets Mixed Reviews

Today was Maine’s first “Send Your Daughter To Work Day”.  The gist of which was that parents could take the day off as long as they sent a female offspring to work in their stead. Governor LePage has talked up … Continue reading

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