Maine’s Werewolves and Witches Perfecting Half Moon Technology

half moonEver wonder why I haven’t written about Maine’s growing Werewolf population lately, Modern Philosophers?

It’s because Gary Lincoln, my good friend and the leader of Maine’s largest Werewolf Pack, has asked me to keep his fellow howlers out of the spotlight.  The reason for that can finally be revealed today.

“We’re on to something very special, Austin, and we didn’t want to jinx it,” Gary shared with this Modern Philosopher as we toured a laboratory located on Coven Island.

As you might recall from previous posts, Coven Island is the secret meeting place of Maine’s Witches.  Powerful Magic hides the island’s location, and very few non-Witches have ever been allowed to visit.  I am one of the lucky people who gets to spend time there, and I was thrilled to be invited back today.

“Maine’s Werewolves and Witches have been working together to come up with a way to allow the packs to transform when there is only a half moon in the sky,” Gary told me excitedly.  “Waiting for the full moon can be torture.  We need to run.  We need to be free.  We need to howl at the moon, even if it’s only half full.”

Witch IslandApparently, Maine’s Witches are potentially powerful enough to conjure up the Magic necessary to make this dream a reality.  With the blessing of the All Hallows Society, they have been working tirelessly in the Coven Island laboratory to come up with the right spells and potions to harness the power of the moon.

It has not been easy, however.

“We’re a good six months in, and we’re still working to find the proper combination of Magic and technology to allow us to transform by the light of the half moon,” Gary explained as he showed me the various computer programs and simulations his pack members have created to this point.

“We have the brains and the Magic, it’s just a question of solving the riddle at the center of it all,” he continued with a sigh.  “It’s been a difficult journey, but it is one we will see through to the end.  Werewolves are strong and resilient, and Maine’s Witches are even more so.  They seem to want this even more than we do.  It’s been a blessing to get to work with them so closely on this beautiful island.”

Maine’s Werewolf population has grown steadily ever since this blog reported that the group of Otherworldly Beings had been placed on the endangered species list.

“That seems like an eternity ago,” Gary said as his smile grew.  “To think there was a time when we feared that the Maine Werewolf would be no more, and now we are so close to making them a more powerful presence.  It is a wonderful time to be a Werewolf!”

werewolfGary let loose with a howl that wasn’t quite as impressive as the ones he can conjure up at that time of the month, but it was loud and lingering nevertheless.

I am thrilled with this news, and nothing short of a total eclipse could keep my inner Werewolf from metaphorically howling at the top of its lungs to celebrate!  HOWL!!!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to Maine’s Werewolves and Witches Perfecting Half Moon Technology

  1. List of X says:

    Why would they really need the full moon to run? They should learn from you – you run during any of the moon’s phases. 🙂

  2. jan says:

    I’m not sure it’s a good idea for them to be messing with tradition – I mean “by the light of the silvery half-moon.” Nah!

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