The Snow Came, I Was Not Aroused

Snow cameAnother storm has battered Maine, Modern Philosophers, and I find myself neither tattered, nor torn.

This blizzard was supposed to be one of Snow Miser’s finest, so they decided last night that the office would be opening late this morning.  Snow Miser’s reputation had earned him that kind of respect even though this winter has been very mild.

Surprisingly, my stress levels were not raging out of control.  I decided to approach this storm differently.  Rather than obsess over the weather for days leading up to the big show, I merely glanced at the reports.

I knew that snow was on the horizon, but the Winter Storm Warning was from 6pm last night until 1:00pm today.  I looked at the hourly report, and the snow was basically supposed to end by 7AM.

That meant I wouldn’t have to drive home in it, and I would just have to wake up early to shovel it, but I probably wouldn’t have to drive to work in it.

As a result, I was surprisingly very calm.  I’m proud of myself, Modern Philosophers.  Maybe I’ve finally turned a corner on this issue.

Since I know some of you actually enjoy the snow, I had the interns take some photos…

snow 2My theory is that Snow Miser has a command center inside my wishing well.  I can’t go inside to investigate, though, because I’m afraid that the freaky girl from The Ring is down there, too.

snow 3It managed to snow on my porch as well.  Still haven’t quite figured out how that happens, but my best guess is that Snow Miser sends out some tiny snow clouds from the wishing well.  They hover under the roof, and the world’s smallest snowflakes then pour out of them and litter my front porch.

snow 4The City snow plow might have cleared my street, as evidenced by this photo, but it never gets the side streets well enough.

There’s no way to get from The House on the Hill to the highway without cutting down a side street, and that’s where Zombie Car always struggles.

Since I had decided to approach this storm differently, I tried something outside the box…

snow 6I walked down to the side street I use on my way to work, and I shoveled it.  The plow had made some progress, but there were still huge ridges of snow right where I needed to turn.  That would be a problem.

So I just stood in the middle of the street and cleared it to my liking.

The City snow plow passed as it made another run down my street, and I waved to the driver.  I hope he was confused and embarrassed by the fact that a civilian with a shovel was doing what he should have been doing with his giant vehicle.

My tax dollars not at work!

snow 7Yes, it looks like a Winter Wonderland, but it only gets that way after a lot of shoveling.

Maybe I’d enjoy it more if my company provided a horse drawn sleigh to transport me to work.  I’m going to bring that up at the next meeting…

snow 5The finished driveway.  Not bad for a morning’s work, right?

Mark showed up with his snow blower to clear away the heaviest snow at the foot of the driveway.  By doing that, he freed me up to go shovel that side street.

snow 10I told you Mark was there.  He is the light at the end of that snowy tunnel.

It really is nice to have such great neighbors!

snow 12This photo is proof of Snow Miser’s presence.  The giant foot prints are from my enormous Monkey Boy feet.

That second set of dainty, feminine prints, however, are from the Ice Imp himself.  He came out to inspect his work at some point before fleeing into the wishing well.

He should be embarrassed to have feet that tiny!

snow 11That’s the tool of my trade.  This Snow Jedi’s lightsaber can cut through a storm’s aftermath faster than ever.

I guess twelve years of cleaning up Snow Miser’s messes have made me a pro at the art of snow removal.

Still, I get no excitement over the activity.  Imagine that!

snow 9I thought I’d leave you with this fun photo, Modern Philosophers.

Here is Doc Brown using his hover board to avoid the snow.  Crafty isn’t he?  Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Maine’s most recent storm.

How’s the weather out your way, Modern Philosophers?  Does the snow get you riled up, or are you as calm as I was with this storm?

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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7 Responses to The Snow Came, I Was Not Aroused

  1. Kristina Farrow says:

    I don’t envy you one bit. Moving from Missouri to Oregon, it’s one thing I don’t miss. Last year this time I was shoveling my car out of a few feet of snow. This year, I complain of a bit of rain and low temperatures! I always enjoy reading your blog, Austin, 🙂

  2. grannyK says:

    We got some snow in the night as well, but not that much! We are expected to get a couple more inches by tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind as much if I had been able to get new tires. Mine are so bald, I might as well skate to work. Silly car died on me twice, though, and took all my tire money!! Nice work cleaning up the snow. I hope you aren’t too tired to work now!

  3. The Hook says:

    The snow is definitely a boner killer.
    Great Funko shot, by the way!

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