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The Second Coming (Of The Contractor)

Twelve years of Catholic schooling taught me the importance of faith, Modern Philosophers. So even after my hopes for new windows at The House on the Hill were dashed by the $43,000 estimate for them to be installed, I did … Continue reading

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The Windows To My Bankruptcy

“You look angry,” Holly pointed out as she watched Aaron sip his Snapple.  “I can see it in your eyes, and the eyes are the windows to the soul.” She smiled.  He did not. It was a beautiful day along … Continue reading

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The $43,000 Question

What would you do with $43,000, Modern Philosophers? It’s not a trick question, and there are no wrong answers.  I’m just curious how you would spend that amount of money if you had it. I know it’s an odd amount, … Continue reading

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How To Stop The Snowsanity

I think the horrifying images have been burned into your brains for all eternity, Modern Philosophers. Yes, I’m talking about the Post Traumatic Snow Disorder inducing photos of my Snow Prison aka The Office That Was Ground Zero For Cabin … Continue reading

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