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But Trump Saved Us From An Alien Invasion

Aaron and Holly were practicing proper social distancing on their favorite benches in the park.  Since they were fifteen feet apart, they had their masks off and were enjoying their favorite beverages on a beautiful Sunday morning. “I spent a … Continue reading

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Close Encounters Of The Worst Kind

I was able to catch the last half hour of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” last night as I was sitting down to dinner, Modern Philosophers. Those last thirty minutes of Spielberg’s meet the Aliens flick are quite awesome, … Continue reading

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What If The Vogons Were Right?

I try to never get too preachy on this blog, Modern Philosophers, but sometimes, the pursuit of Deep Thoughts takes me in that direction. I am not always pleased with our behavior as a species, and yesterday was one of … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Bangor

Because the Zombie Car has not yet been brought back to life, I had to find an alternate way to get to work today, Modern Philosophers. Since this is Maine, which I have established is a truly magical place, and … Continue reading

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