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The Return of the Zombie King

“Happy Easter!” Aaron announced excitedly as he passed Holly a chocolate rabbit wrapped in gold foil. Holly’s beautiful face lit up and her checks blushed.  “Aaron!  You didn’t have to do this…” “I know and I almost didn’t,” he replied.  … Continue reading

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Still Human! Surviving The Winter Outbreak

It’s not very often, Modern Philosophers, that the first thing I do upon waking is to check to make sure I’m still human. But that’s exactly what I did every morning this week. You see, I’d never been this sick.  … Continue reading

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Zombie Fun Run Turns Tragic When Stragglers Are Eaten

I warned them it wasn’t a good idea to change the annual Halloween Zombie Fun Run from a 5K to a 10K, but no one listened to me, Modern Philosophers. First of all, you’re always inviting trouble when you deal … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Zombie Jogging

I haven’t written a post about running in a while, Modern Philosophers, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on that most hated of all fitness activities. In fact, I have been all about physical fitness since strapping on … Continue reading

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Never Go Full Zombie

One of my favorite lines for Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller’s brilliant documentary about the Vietnam War, Modern Philosophers, is when Robert Downey, Jr. advises Stiller’s character to “Never go full Zombie”. He was way ahead of his time talking about … Continue reading

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Is Trump The Zombie King?

I’m getting ready to watch The Walking Dead, Modern Philosophers, so I’ve definitely got zombies on my mind, but I think I’m on to something. Does the popularity of The Walking Dead explain why Donald Trump is doing so well … Continue reading

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Supergirl and The Walking Dead Crossover Set For May Sweeps

Faster than a speeding bullet, Supergirl has shot up my list of must watch TV shows, Modern Philosophers. That’s why I wanted to leap over tall buildings in a single bound when I heard that TV’s sexiest Superhero would be … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why Sunday Is Too Cool For School

It’s the first Sunday of 2016, Modern Philosophers, and before we all sit down for a delicious Sunday Dinner with family, I wanted to write a post about what makes Sunday so awesome. Some people see Sunday as the first … Continue reading

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Zombie Columbus Gets Lost On Its Way To Eat Your Brain

Columbus Day in Maine, Modern Philosophers, has been easily absorbed into the state’s month long Halloween Season Celebration. The All Hallows Society long ago took pity on poor Christopher Columbus, realized that the holiday named in his honor was becoming … Continue reading

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Summer Zombie Rot Drives Mainers Indoors

There’s something in the Maine air tonight, Modern Philosophers. It’s not love. It’s not the delicious scent of barbecue. It’s not even all the sweat I’ve left behind from all my running. “It’s Zombie Rot,” Dawn Nicotero, Director of The … Continue reading

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